Roquan Smith challenges Detroit Lions' offense: "I'm from the 'Show Me' business"

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The Ravens are returning to Baltimore to play a home game for the first time in nearly a month but that doesn't mean they'll have an easy weekend. That's because they will be hosting the Detroit Lions (5-1), arguably one of the best teams in the NFL.

One of the traits that have defined Detroit's season has been their great offensive performances, led by veteran quarterback Jared Goff.

Roquan Smith gave Goff his flowers on Wednesday, saying "That guy is playing good ball right now," although the Ravens linebacker is not buying into the Lions' chances to beat Baltimore come Sunday nor fully trusting Detroit's offensive prowess.

"I just think about it … Sunday, we'll be ready, so we'll be ready to welcome those guys here. They're playing good ball, but, hey, I'm from the 'Show Me' business, so you have to show me."

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Smith made very clear that Baltimore "will be ready" come Sunday, and that while the Lions are playing good football, they'll have to prove it against Smith and his teammates.

"I'm from the 'Show Me' business, so you have to show me," Smith stated.

Truth be told, the Lions have so far proved they are for real. Detroit started the season beating reigning champs Kansas City Chiefs, are putting up more than 387 yards per game, and they surely are the strongest offense the Ravens will have faced through seven weeks.

That could have been different had Joe Burrow been healthy and Ja'Marr Chase playing as well as open his mouth was back then, but that wasn't the case and the Ravens had it easy against Cincy.

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Baltimore enters this matchup boasting the fourth-best defense in points allowed and the second-best unit in passing yards allowed, so it's also fair to say that Detroit has yet to face a defense as stout as the Ravens' has been.

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