Roquan Smith: "It's easy to be paper champs"

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The Baltimore Ravens opened training camp for their veterans on Tuesday, July 25, as players with at least one year of experience reported to Owings Mills for some interviews and meetings with the staff ahead of the start of activities scheduled for Wednesday.

Some members of the Ravens already took to the mics and spoke to the media on Tuesday, those being TE Mark Andrews, ILB Roquan Smith, and OT Morgan Moses.

Different media members were able to ask the trio of Ravens standouts questions ahead of training camp and next season, and they gladly answered them all in an upbeat manner.

Clifton Brown of published a tidy piece over the official site of the Baltimore Ravens in which he quoted Smith's most notable remarks from Tuesday's presser.

Smith believes the Ravens' defense is a top-tier, elite-level one, with no weaknesses to it. "I feel like the expectations are very high," Smith said. "I feel like if we play to our standard and everyone stays healthy … we're not weak in any spots if you ask me."

"I like our D-line versus anyone. I like our secondary versus anyone, and I for sure like our linebackers versus anyone," the veteran linebacker who arrived from the Chicago Bears midway through the 2022 season said.

Smith added: "I feel like if we do our jobs, and we give the ball back to Lamar (Jackson) and the [offense], there's going to be a lot of great things that are going to happen."

Most interestingly, Smith showed some determination when he stated that "It's easy to be paper champs," before making it clear that "What really matters is what you do between those lines."

"I feel the sky's the limit for all of us," Smith finished adding a promising final touch to his speech.

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