Roquan Smith on Ravens defense: "We control what you do. Like a dictatorship"

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens
Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Baltimore Ravens linebacker and defensive lynchpin Roquan Smith lost no time in joining the folks at The Vault, the official Baltimore Ravens podcast, on an episode released on Monday, Nov. 6th after the Ravens win over Seattle in Week 9.

And Ro being Ro, of course, he neither lost any second in trying to instill some fear in the bones of the upcoming visitors to The Bank, fellow AFC North franchise the Cleveland Browns.

With the Ravens leading the AFC North at 7-2 and the Browns in a three-team tie for second place with a 5-3 record, Smith urged the Ravens Flock to defend their home turf against the "invading" Browns.

"Make no mistake about it, it’s our home. We gotta defend it by any means necessary," Smith said. "We got invaders coming to town, so what are you going to do?"

Ravens and Browns already faced each other back in Week 4 in a game that finished with a hellacious 28–3 victory for the Ravens on the road. Smith acknowledged the Browns' thirst for blood and how the Elves will be looking for potential retaliation.

"Those guys are going to come in here pissed off," Smith stated. To that, he added: "Chin up, chest out."

Keeping with his realest-than-real usual talk, Smith claimed, "We really shouldn’t let people do anything. We should just control everything. Almost like a dictatorship. We control what you do." Uh, oh, bring in the fireworks because they'll be needed by the time the ball gets flying on Sunday.

Right now, in the AFC North, all four teams—the Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Browns—are on track to reach the postseason, marking a unique development in any NFL division since the league had five-team such splits. It'd be the first time for all teams in a division to clinch the postseason (directly or via wild card).

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However, the Browns face the 11th-toughest remaining schedule, while the Ravens will have to endure the second-toughest, including matchups against the Browns and the Bengals on back-to-back weeks starting this Sunday.

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