Roquan Smith is ready for his best year yet with Baltimore Ravens

Roquan Smith has more experience now with the Ravens defense and is ready to make a bigger impact this upcoming season

Baltimore Ravens, Roquan Smith
Baltimore Ravens, Roquan Smith / Rob Carr/GettyImages

When the Baltimore Ravens made a big trade with the Chicago Bears for star linebacker Roquan Smith last season, it was music to the ears of fans across the globe. Not only did Smith fill an area of need but he came in and immediately took care of business.

Not only was he all over the field making plays when the Ravens needed it, but his veteran locker room presence was exactly the fit the franchise needed. Smith brings a lot of leadership, high defensive skills, and experience to the table. Even though he performed well last season, it wasn't as easy as it looked on game day.

There were a few hiccups and miscommunications last season that hopefully this time around, won't hinder Smith from doing what he does best. With more experience under his belt when it comes to understanding and executing the Ravens' defensive scheme, Smith should thrive this upcoming season.

Roquan Smith is rightfully excited for a full season with the Baltimore Ravens

In an article written by Timm Hamm of Sports Illustrated, Smith recently spoke about this very topic and why 2023 should be an even bigger season for not only himself but the Ravens as a whole. Here's what he had to say when he was a guest on "The Lounge" podcast when asked why on some defensive plays last season he seemed a bit off:

"“I think now, having the offseason under my belt, the tail-end of the last season, and then with (training) camp and the preseason and stuff, I think it’s going to be pretty sweet,” Smith said. “I’m just excited to get out there and fly around with the guys because I think we’re in for something special and I think (for) myself personally, I think it’s probably going to be my best year yet.”"

"The Lounge" podcast

In the grand scheme of things, this is a great mentality to have and an awesome sight to see as the Ravens prepare for training camp. It'll be a long summer but having a leader like Smith hyping himself and the team up will go a very long way once the regular season is finally here. Here's to hoping Smith not only delivers a blockbuster season for the Ravens but proves that we've yet to see the best out of him when it matters most.