Ravens' Roquan Smith goes Savage Mode on mic, heats up Week 4 vs. Cleveland Browns

This man is a treasure. That's it, that's what this is all about.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Baltimore Ravens traded for Roquan Smith ahead of the 2022 deadline and he became an instant game-changing player for the Flock even if their postseason was cut short of the chip.

Smith turned Patrick Queen into an other-worldly talent just by popping up on the field next to him. He revamped the whole defense but mostly the linebacker/edge line in unimaginable ways.

Now, too, Smith has showcased once more his love for the Flock, his passion for the game, and he's also made it clear that there is Purple Blood running through his system.

Smith spoke to the media at the podium following Wednesday's practice and he let me tell you, this man is a goddam treasure word holding on forever.

I have read every single word he said yesterday, and I have found it hard to not quote every single answer he said because that's how great the whole exchange with the beat reporters was.

We have curated the best golden nuggets dropped by Smith on Wednesday so you can enjoy them in a single column, and allow me to say you won't regret spending the next five minutes analyzing them.

Without further ado...

Deshaun Whoatson?

"I think [with] [Deshaun] Watson at the helm, they're still going to try run the ball, and that's hats off to their head coach, and I think that's something that he wants to do; run the ball. So, that's our main priority, stopping the run. So I don't think it'll be anything different, minus Chubb, but I still think they're going to try and run the ball."

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Best defense? Give Smith a break

"I think this is Week 4. You're not defined by being the best defense in the league [based] off of Week 4, period. It's a 17-game season, so it's what you're going to do late in the season. But hats off to those guys. I haven't watched them, so I'm not really sure. I haven't really watched them. I don't really care too much if I'm being perfectly honest.

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Teaching unit? Nothing Smith can learn from it

"I don't think, personally, I can gain anything from watching their defense. At the end of the day, I love looking something square in the face and saying, 'Bring it on,' whatever it is. 'Chin up, Chest out,' I live by that. 'Sun sets, no regrets.' So, I'm looking forward to it, and I can't wait.

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

AFC North matchup on the road? That's for dogs!

"You go in there as the enemy to go take over and that's our plan to actually go take over. I think they call it the dog pound, [and] I consider myself a dog, so I'm right at home in that place. So, I'm excited to get back in there."

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Take over, in front of them

"You're going into essentially another man's house, and you're trying to take over. His wife, kids, [and] everyone is there to watch them. So, we're going over there to beat their tails in front of their wife and kids."

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

And always remember: Hit. Anything. That. Moves.

"I'm just going in just like I prepared for any other game – play till [you hear] the whistle, play physical and hit anything that moves."

Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Next. 4 Ravens back, Kyle Hamilton DNP, Deshaun Watson "limited". 4 Ravens back, Kyle Hamilton DNP, Deshaun Watson "limited" Wednesday. dark

Hang all of that in the Louvre, Roger Goodell, please and thank you.

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