Should Rashod Bateman and J.K. Dobbins get preseason reps?

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The Ravens held their final practice of the week on Day 19 of training camp before taking the weekend off as they rest their legs for Monday's matchup against the Washington Commanders on the road.

Friday's session was a mid-intensity one, with Baltimore's offensive and (mostly) defensive units going at half speed and trying to recover a bit of energy after they pour it all last Tuesday and Wednesday in the joint practices with the Commies.

Great news came out of the Under Armour Performance Center in Owings Mills, Md., as both RB Dobbins and WR Bateman finally took to the training fields without any limitations cutting their participation short.

It's the first time we've seen Dobbins go at it this summer after his hold-in finished a few days ago, and it's the first time Bateman has participated in 7-on-7 exercises after going through some individual drills earlier in camp following his exit from the PUP list.

Per by Ryan Mink of, Head Coach John Harbaugh said after practice on Friday that it was "great to see" both Dobbins and Bateman "out there in team drills moving around and looking good."

According to multiple beat writers reporting from inside The Castle, Bateman had the catch of the day hauling in a pass for a touchdown. Harbaugh's comments after practice seemed to confirm that information, as he referenced such a play by Bateman.

The question now is if any or the two of Bateman and Dobbins should get some preseason reps on Monday and a week from now in the final preseason game scheduled by the Ravens against Tampa Bay next Saturday.

Odds are they don't feature at all or do so on hyper-limited pitch counts.

If you remember (you might not want to, understandably), Dobbins destroyed his knee in a preseason game a couple of years ago forcing him to miss more than an entire season of play. Adding wood to the fire, that injury happened in a preseason game... against the Washington Commanders. Yikes.

Bateman didn't participate in 11-on-11 exercises as Dobbins did, but he put on some solid 7-on-7 reps. He has been jogging and practicing on his own for a few sessions now. He might be able to contribute something if only to test himself in a real-game environment either next Monday or on Sat., Aug. 26.

Should these two play in the preseason? Not necessarily.

Can we expect to see them? I'd say for a few snaps, that'll be the case, and it'll be great to confirm that everything is cool with these two and that they're ready to go at 100% capacity come Week 1.

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