Should the NFL suspend Bengals LB Logan Wilson after injuring 3 Ravens?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The NFL should be busy for the next few days trying to come up with the duration of the suspension of Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson after he injured three players on TNF last night. But of course, Wilson will escape his illegal outing unscathed...

On TNF the Baltimore Ravens (8-3) did everything they could to beat the lowly Cincinnati Bengals (5-5) and nearly lock a spot in the postseason while putting Cincy in a precarious position. That's more than enough, considering Wilson came to play or, perhaps better said, hurt some of the Ravens players present at the game.

No need to mention, the Bengals denied access to the media following TNF when they asked about an interview with injury-perpetrator Logan Wilson, according to Nate Davis of USA Today.

Wilson first injured Mark Andrews barely a few minutes into Thursday's outing. Andrews grabbed a pass from Lamar Jackson and was virtually sure to score a touchdown until Wilson decided that wasn't going to happen--on TNF nor for the remainder of the season, as brute-force had it.

The hip-drop tackle, one the NFL is thinking about banning, brought Andrews down and ended up being a season-ending injury, as confirmed by John Harbaugh after the game.

Not happy enough with that, Wilson kept his murdering tendencies going as he brought Lamar Jackson down by the ankle before halftime.

Jackson was clearly going out of bounds in possession of the ball and had nothing to gain, and Wilson simply decided that dropping his body on Lamar's ankle was the cleanest play to make.

Finally, because three is always better than two, Wilson claimed another victim in wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. late in the fourth quarter when, perhaps, he came to realize his Bengals were going to lose a game and most probably miss out on making the postseason.

The solution to Wilson's frustrations? Drop another body!

It is not that I am the one saying it. Quoth Kirk Herbstreit on the call: "Logan Wilson coming in there with bad intentions again."

Rest assured, the NFL will probably sit tight, do nothing about this, and let Wilson live in peace with his actions on the field, as damaging as those might be (and already were, considering he finished Andrews' season for good).

Next. Flowers breaks Torrey Smith's record, best Ravens rookie ever. Flowers breaks Torrey Smith's record, best Ravens rookie ever. dark

Let's hope the league at least review those murderous hip-drop tackles and ban them from football once and for all. And let's hope Wilson review the film and becomes a better, less dirty, football player going forward, so maybe that way he can help Cincinnati win some games.

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