3 sleepers with a great chance to make the Baltimore Ravens roster

The Baltimore Ravens have battles at the back end of their roster where roster spots can be won
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Del'Shawn Phillips
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2. Is Del'Shawn Phillips a lock to make the Baltimore Ravens roster?

Del'Shawn Phillips has bounced around the NFL a little bit, but he may have found a home with the Ravens. Phillips was a UDFA in 2019 and spent the season with the Bills and Falcons. Phillips spent all of 2020 with the Bills before signing with the New York Jets in 2021. Then, last year, he was with the Baltimore Ravens.

He is entering his second full season with the Ravens, and it may be the first place where he does spend two full years. Last year, he stuck around mainly due to special teams. This year, the linebacker room was deeper, so his odds of making the roster did drop. However, early indications are that he is having a great training camp.

The Baltimore Ravens not only have Phillips over Kristian Welch and Josh Ross on the depth chart, they also put him over Trenton Simpson. Simpson is a rookie, and it will not take him long to leap Phillips, but the fact that the Ravens chose Phillips as the backup at this point speaks to his roster status. It says they like him more than they are worried about Simpson.

The preseason will dictate things, and Phillips will have to hold onto the job. Welch and Ross are coming, and Simpson is sure to pass him soon. The fifth linebacker still has a good shot to make it, though, so if he stays ahead of Welch and Ross, he will make the Ravens roster in most cases. This will be something to watch over the coming weeks.