3 sleepers with a great chance to make the Baltimore Ravens roster

The Baltimore Ravens have battles at the back end of their roster where roster spots can be won
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Daryl Worley, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Daryl Worley is climbing up the Baltimore Ravens depth chart

Daryl Worley went from a starter in the NFL to a journeyman in just a few years. However, the Baltimore Ravens kept him all of last season, and now they may be ready to reap the rewards. One note about Worley is that he has gotten work in the slot, and in the box before. The majority of his snaps were on the outside, and when he started, he was on the outside, but he has always had the skill set to move around. Now, the Ravens are taking advantage.

Worley has been involved in the backup outside cornerback battle but is also listed as a safety on the depth chart. That is something. With Brandon Stephens and Ar'Darius Washington also listed as safeties, but also with cornerback work in their past, it shows the Ravens want to be versatile back there.

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So, while it is easy to say that Worley being listed as a safety makes it tough to put him ahead of Jalyn Armour-Davis and Kyu Blu Kelly in the cornerback competition, it almost does make it easier to say that he should make the roster over both because he can play outside, and safety, while those two are just on the outside.

Can Daryl Worley take advantage of his skillset in the preseason? This is worth watching.

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