5 sleepers to make Baltimore Ravens roster

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Ben Mason, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Could Ben Mason finally step into a roster spot for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens drafting Ben Mason in the fifth round was always a surprise, and you wondered what the plan was for him. It turned out they have not had one yet. He was cut and bounced to New England and Chicago before returning to the Ravens practice squad. He will compete with Patrick Ricard after spending a second season on the practice squad.

The odds are that Patrick Ricard is not going anywhere, and the Ravens would essentially have to move on from Ricard to make this work. Still, they drafted Mason and have kept him around, there has to be some attraction from the team, and beyond that, the clock is ticking on Ricard.

Ricard is still only 29 years old, but Mason is 24. If Mason showed up to training camp and proved to look as good as Ricard, the Baltimore Ravens could save $2M this season. They also could save $4M next offseason, so the odds are that even if this does not happen this year, it is even more likely to happen next year.

The Ravens are not up against the cap right now, but every dollar will help going forward now that Lamar Jackson is signed. If Mason gives the Ravens any reason to think that they can save a little money, they may take that path. It is on him, and it is an outside shot, but Ben Mason has to be in the plans at some point.