5 sleepers to make Baltimore Ravens roster

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3. The Baltimore Ravens may need Trey Botts in year one

Trey Botts is a UDFA from Colorado State-Puebloe. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I have done deep studies into that defense, and nobody in the media has a really firm grasp of him outside of a few highlight clips. However, the Baltimore Ravens obviously liked what they saw, and when you look at his measurables and his draft profile, there is enough to get interested in.

Still, the reason he can make this roster comes almost solely down to the depth chart and roster mechanics. The Baltimore Ravens usually keep six defensive linemen. Maybe they only keep five and add an extra offensive lineman, like we said.

That is because if you look at the Ravens' roster, they have five locks. Justin Madubuike, Broderick Washington, Travis Jones, Michael Pierce, and Brent Urban will make the roster, barring anything off-the-grid happening.

So, who will be the sixth man? The Ravens just signed Angelo Blackson; he is the best in-house option. However, he is a journeyman veteran and was phased out of the Chicago Bears' awful defense last year. Some of that is scheme fit, but if he could not play for Chicago, do the Ravens really want him?

From there, they have Rayshad Nichols, and then Trey Botts will be right in the mix. Nobody knows much yet, but this could be a player that fans love when the preseason gets going.