5 sleepers to make Baltimore Ravens roster

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Daryl Worley, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Daryl Worley has an outisde shot at the Baltimore Ravens roster.

The Baltimore Ravens cornerback room is crowded. This can help or hurt any of the names on the roster. One name who is being completely forgotten about is Daryl Worley. That is easy to understand why, especially when the most he action he got last year was week 18 against the Bengals.

Still, he was on the roster last year, he was active for the playoff game, and now he is back. Most have him outside the roster, but there is definitely a case for him.

The case is against him is how many players the Ravens went out and added. They signed Trayvon Mullen and Rock Ya-Sin. Ya-Sin is expected to start, and be a lock to make the roster. They also drafted Kyu Blu Kelly. That is in addition to drafting Jayln Armour-Davis last year. The team tried Armour-Davis over Worley last year, and they have to hope that he gets better come his second NFL season.

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There are a lot of names in front of Worley on the pecking order, but all of them have plenty of questions as well. Worley is the least talked about because he is the older and last one to be added to the group, but he could end up being a fifth cornerback on the roster.