3 statements Baltimore Ravens made with win over San Francisco 49ers

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The Baltimore Ravens win over the San Francisco 49ers was a statement win in so many ways. Both teams entered the game sitting at 11-3, and the anticipation was up there as it would be the biggest test of the season for both rosters. 

By the Ravens not just beating San Francisco but also dominating them straight up, they showed a strong message to the rest of the NFL. What were their biggest statements? 

3. The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl favorites

The Ravens entered the game with a tie for the best record in the NFL. Then, they knocked off the team with the best record in the NFL. With that in mind, they sit alone in the first place. This is no longer just first place in the AFC, it is first place in the entire NFL. With that in mind, it makes sense why they would be Super Bowl favorites. 

More than that, the Ravens dominated the 49ers. The 49ers were not just first place in record, they were becoming the team that everyone loves. They were blowing teams out and looked unstoppable on both sides of the ball. 

Meanwhile, Baltimore struggled to put a few teams away, and they had three leads squandered away in all of their losses this season. On paper, the 49ers had a better season. Then, the Ravens dominated the 49ers.

When you have the best record, and you go on the road and dominate a team that many saw as the best team in the NFL, the respect is about to come in bunches. The Baltimore Ravens made a statement that they will be Super Bowl favorites.