3 stats to know about Baltimore Ravens signing Odell Beckham Jr.

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2. Is Odell Beckham at the age where his best days are over?

As much, if not more of a concern than the ACL would be the age of Odell Beckham Jr. He is going to be 30 during the season, which usually is the line for when receivers start to hit their decline. Fantasy football studies have dug deep into when to buy and sell wideouts, and peal ages are usually 25-29. At age 30, the decline starts to come.

An interesting note from these studies is that while it is rare for 30-year-old wide receivers to finish in the top 12 in fantasy, the numbers do still go up when talking about top-24 to 36 players. So, his ability to be elite may be over, but he can still be a solid wide receiver who produces. Studies show that wide receivers can often still produce until they are 32, so Beckham may have one or two more good years, even if they are not top 12 years.

Still, last season just eight wide receivers had over 500 yards at the age-30 season or later. One of them was Travis Kelce. It is fair to mention that Davante Adams put up 1,516 as a 30-year-old, so there are exceptions.

Still, Tyler Lockett hit 1,000, then Keenan Allen had 752, DeAndre Hopkins had 717, Adam Thielen had 716, Marvin Jones had 529 yards, and Robert Woods had 527.

This is much more realistic when expecting what Odell Beckham can do. Robert Woods is 30 and came off of an ACL. The timing is different, and you can expect more from Beckham, but 1,000 yards may be the most optimistic perspective.