3 stats Baltimore Ravens fans must know about Tavius Robinson

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1. Baltimore Ravens have high expectations for Tavis Robinson

Usually after the NFL draft, the fans are making outrageous comparisons, and it is the team that has to put out fires and calm things down. However, Eric DeCosta ignited heat when he launched his comparison for Tavius Robinson. He said that Robinson reminded him of Za'Darius Smith.

That is quite the compliment, and while you can understand that they have similarities in ways, they also are a bit different. Below you can see the athletic profile of Tavius Robinson.

When you compare that to Za'Darius you can see that Smith is bigger, not as explosive. However, the one area that you can see the common thread is both struggled in the agility drills.

The Baltimore Ravens go against the grain in this area. While a lot of teams love quick agilities that show an ability to get around the edge with a strong dip and bend, the Ravens do not mind rushers who play more upright but can push pockets with their power.

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Beyond that, the Baltimore Ravens also got a lot of value from Smith in different ways, not just playing him as a traditional edge rusher. Does this signal that the Ravens will use him a bit differently than the way they did when he was at Ole Miss? We will find out soon.