3 stats Baltimore Ravens fans must know about Zay Flowers

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Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Zay Flowers broke out as a sophomore

Zay Flowers was a three-star recruit as a high school player so he did not get much buzz. However, he started to get on the field as a true freshman, which was probably a sign that good things were about to happen. However, his breakout season was in 2020 as a sophomore.

He finished with 892 yards and nine touchdowns that season. It was a weird year due to COVID, and some players had down years, while others played better that year. Flowers did not have the exact same results in 2020, but he still put up 746 yards and five touchdowns.

That was not enough to prove his legitimacy, and he was not getting enough draft buzz. So, he went back to Boston College as a senior, and he even turned down some NIL deals at bigger schools to do so. Then, he went off. Flowers finished with 1,077 yards and 12 touchdowns as a Senior. He was excellent at the East-West Shrine Bowl and completed things with a strong NFL combine.

Flowers had a 46.7% which is the percentage of the offensive production that he was responsible. He had almost half of the BC offense. That rate is in the 94th percentile. He also had a 29.6% target rate, which ranks in the 89th percentile. Still, on 29% of the offensive targets, he created 47% of the offense. That is pretty darn good.

Overall, Zay Flowers had a great career. He broke out as a sophomore and kept it going with two solid seasons after. His best year being his senior year is what finished off the idea that he was a first-round pick.