3 stats Baltimore Ravens fans must know about Zay Flowers

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Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Zay Flowers brings all area ability to Baltimore Ravens

Zay Flowers can move in and out of the slot which is going to be a huge benefit for the Baltimore Ravens. More than that, the team has to love that he can take advantage of all three levels of the field. In 2021, he had a 35% deep target rate, with 20.7% of his passes being in the short game, which is 0-9 yards.

In 2022, Zay Flowers had a 37.9% target rate in the short range, and he had a 21.9% deep ball rate. Last season 33% of his passes were in the short center of the field. The season prior saw 23.3% of his passed deep down the sidelines.

This shows that the player is a three-level player. He can make plays in the short middle, and the deep sideline. Beyond that, he can create with the ball in his hands from all layers. His YAC was 7.4 when his ADOT was 15, and his career ADOT is 13 with a YAC of 6.8. This shows us that even as he was targeted further down the field, he was still getting yards after the catch. Still, in the short passing game, he was also getting YAC.

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We have to add that Flowers had nine drops last season, and if anything is a downside, it is definitely his drops. However, we are talking about a player who checks a lot of boxes. He can get on the field immediately and can adapt to the players and scheme around him.