3 stats Lamar Jackson must improve for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. Lamar Jackson has to stop fumbling this much for the Baltimore Ravens

This has to be the most frustrating aspect right now. Lamar Jackson is fumbling the ball too much. He has four fumbles this year. He cannot sustain that pace, but four fumbles through three games is well over the 12 fumbles he set as a career-high. He is almost halfway to 10, the second-worst number of his career.

On a per-drop back basis Lamar Jackson is fumbling 0.07% of the time. The year before it was 0.02, and his career high is 0.05 as a rookie. His career rate is 0.03, so he is fumbling more than twice as often when he drops back to pass. Talk about alarming,

His per rush rate is 0.08%, which is up from 0.05% the year before. His rate as a rookie was 0.13%, but his career rate is still 0.06%.

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The facts are that Lamar Jackson is fumbling the football far too much. It did not cost them against the Texans, although it was close to. Against the Colts, a fumble in the red zone led to three points. The Ravens lost in overtime by three points. These are now becoming game-costing plays.

Can Lamar Jackson show that he can protect the football when he has the chance?