3 stats showing why Lamar Jackson will play his best for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023

Lamar Jackson is playing very well through two games
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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. Lamar Jackson is completing passes at a high rate for the Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson currently has a 74.5% completion rate. This is for a player who many said was too inaccurate to play in the NFL. Adjusted for drops, his completion rate is 81.1%. For his career, his completion rate is 63.5%, and last year it was 62.3%. Adjusted, it was 73.9% for his career and 74.6% last year.

Both are up significantly. Some of this has to do with the screens. Jackson has an 82.1% completion rate, and it is 100% when you adjust for drops.

However, he also has improved in the deep and intermediate areas as well. Last year, he completed 29.8% of his deep passes and 66.7% in the intermediate. This year, he is 50% deep and 70% in the intermediate. It is a small sample, but some of that is because he is not testing the deep ball as often. However, when he is, he is hitting with accuracy. Per PFF, he has three completions of 20 yards or more, and two of them were graded big-time throws, the best of the best.

The defense being drawn in by the screens opens more up for the deep field passing. Jackson is more accurate in all areas right now, and that could be a problem for the rest of the NFL.