Stock Down: 5 Baltimore Ravens stumbling down the depth chart after preseason week 2

The Baltimore Ravens rookies are struggling, and a well-known name has played himself off the roster.
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Trenton Simpson, Baltimore ravens
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2. Trenton Simpson struggled in his NFL debut with the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens' third-round rookie was injured and missed the first preseason game of the season. This set him back, but he was able to get on the field for week two. The Ravens stuck true to their depth chart, and because Simpson has not beat out Del'Shawn Phillips, Phillips started over him.

Phillips is a lock for the roster now, especially because nothing Simpson did in week two of the preseason suggests he is ready to take on the role of Patrick Queen's backup. Simpson only played 43 snaps but had multiple missed tackles. He looked like he had hardly practiced and was thrown into his first NFL game.

Simpson was up and down on special teams as well. The commitment made to him is great enough that they will sit him this year if they need to. He should be able to progress enough on special teams to find a role on game days. Still, the third-string linebacker behind Del'Shawn Phillips is not where this rookie wanted to be as he walks into week one of the NFL season. That will be the case, though.