Super Bowl champion James Jones gave Rashod Bateman his flowers

Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens
Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Many players in NFL history have gone on to win a Super Bowl, so it's not that hoisting the Lombardi Trophy is something only reserved for the most uniquely talented players out there.

However, former champion wideout James Jones, who had a nine-year professional career spent mostly in Green Bay (with a one-year pit-stop in Oakland), is surely one of the main reasons for the Packers to win the chip back in 2010.

Jones is now a pundit on Fox Sports 1's show Speak, sharing the floor with the likes of Emmanuel Acho and LeSean McCoy, world-renowned former members of the NFL.

On Friday’s edition of Speak, Jones was asked about his Top 5 X-Factors for the 2023 season and he named a member of the Baltimore Ravens as one of his candidates to flip the script for the upcoming year.

"If [the Ravens] get Rashod Bateman to stay healthy, everybody tie your shoes, buckle your belts up and get ready because Lamar "Action" Jackson and this Ravens offense is going to be unstoppable. The kid can do everything. Put the ball in his hands on a 5-yard route, he'll take it to the crib. [He] has the speed to catch the go-balls. You add him in there with those two [Odell Beckham Jr.] and [Zay Flowers] and Mark Andrews; it's a problem."

James Jones, FOX Sports 1

Color me excited, folks!

If Jones, who led the NFL in touchdowns scored in 2012 only two years removed from winning the chip, sees Bateman as a player that "can do everything," then I have to believe him.

If Jones, who racked up more than 635 yards in his last six years as a pro, says that Bateman "will take it to the crib," then I have to believe him.

If Jones, who is one of only seven receivers in the NFL since 1988 to catch 430+ passes on fewer than 720 targets throughout his career, thinks Bateman "has the speed to catch the go-balls," then I have to believe him.

We could keep going forever, but you get the idea. NFL receiving royalty painting so good-looking of an outlook on Bateman's short-term future is great, but it is also very realistic and possible.

That is thanks to an offense that will now feature a new set of weapons in rookie Zay Flowers and veteran Odell Beckham Jr., along with über-talented tight end Mark Andrews and supremely gifted QB Lamar Jackson.

Bateman is expected to be the Ravens' no. 1 wideout next season, and it seems everybody agrees the sky is the limit for the receiver.

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