3 sure-fire Pro Bowlers on the Baltimore Ravens through six weeks

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens, Roquan Smith
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2. Roquan Smith is a lock for the Pro Bowl

It is hard to say that there has been a better linebacker in the NFL since the Baltimore Ravens traded for Roquan Smith. He immediately came in and turned this defense from a solid unit on the rise to one of the best defenses in the NFL. The fit was just too perfect.

Roquan Smith has the leadership and diagnosis skills to make players around him better. Patrick Queen has seen his play dramatically improve, and he is having a career year next to Roquan Smith. He immediately saw his play improve from there.

The Ravens can blitz from different areas, knowing that Smith can fill the gaps. They can also trust Smith to audible and change disguised blitzes based on the offensive look. This has allowed Mike MacDonald to get a lot more creative in the way that he calls plays.

Roquan Smith was an All-Pro last year, and his play improved. The Ravens should have a better record this year, and the credit will continue to come to Roquan Smith. It would be stunning if he did not make the Pro Bowl for the second straight year with the Baltimore Ravens.