3 surprise options for Baltimore Ravens in round 1

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Nolan Smuith, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Is Nolan Smith a great fit for Baltimore Ravens

There are a couple of questions with Nolan Smith when it comes to him and the Baltimore Ravens. The first question is whether he will be there. ESPN projects Nolan Smith to get selected between picks 10 and 15. However, they also have a 10% chance that Smith will be there, and they note that the tail end of his fall could be the Baltimore Ravens.

The next question is if they would pass up on a wide receiver and cornerback for an edge rusher. Nolan Smith would be a perfect fit but would be best in the SAM role, which is where Tyus Bowser plays. At the same time, with Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Houston gone, there is a role out there for a hand-down rusher. The Baltimore Ravens can go the Kyle Hamilton route of putting Smith into a smaller role as a rookie.

Then, they can let Tyus Bowser go, and they can push Nolan Smith into that role. The ability to play off of the ball, put his hand down, and rush with speed off of the edge has to have the Baltimore Ravens intrigued. He is a nice scheme fit, and the questions are now directed toward if they want to address other needs, or if he has not been drafted.