5 biggest takeaways from Baltimore Ravens offseason programs

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Keaton Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Keaton Mitchell is getting oppurtunities for the Baltimore Ravens

Gus Edwards has been getting healthy, and J.K. Dobbins has been doing the same, or holding in, however, you want to frame it. Either way, these are going to be the two leads in the backfield. Without them, a lot of time has freed up for rookie UDFA Keaton Mitchell.

Mitchell has taken advantage and has shown the speed that the Ravens thought they would see from him. The issue with Mitchell is that his true path to the roster is beating out Justice Hill.

Hill brings so much more in the passing game and also on special teams that Mitchell looking solid as a runner, almost does not go too far. He will be fourth in line, no matter how you frame it.

Still, it is notable that if either Dobbins or Edwards goes down, Mitchell will probably shoot right into the committee. Of course, that is at least the current pace based on how solid he looked in OTAs and minicamps. Training camp may lead to differing results.