5 biggest takeaways from Baltimore Ravens offseason programs

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Lamar Jackson is taking control of Todd Monken's offense

The big question all offseason will be how Lamar Jackson fits into the offense of Todd Monken. It is all lip service right now, but the vibe is that the two are working well together. If anything, there is truth to the aspect that Lamar Jackson will have more freedom.

Todd Monken talked about it, and Lamar Jackson spoke about it. They are running it now, and it would be crazy to install it now and not run it. That is Lamar Jackson at the line of scrimmage in control of the offense. Essentially Monken will give him plays to choose from, and based on what Jackson sees at the line he has the freedom to change too many looks.

It is a certain freedom that Jackson did not have under Roman. Some of that is because of trust, but some is because Roman does not have a playbook like that. Monken plays a different style of football, and Ravens fans should be prepared to notice this immediately.

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The Ravens got a glimpse into Jackson and Monken this offseason, and soon the fans are going to see the same thing when they get to training camp.