Texans coach DeMeco Ryans is worried about a Ravens player "keeping him up" at night

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Houston Texans are gearing up to face the Baltimore Ravens, contenders in the AFC North and Super Bowl challengers for the 2023 season entering Week 1. Now we know new head coach DeMeco Ryans is surely worried about kicking off the Texans' season against the Flock.

The reason for concern? Ravens' QB1 Lamar Jackson starting this game and "keeping me up" at night, according to the former DC of the San Francisco 49ers and new HC of the Texans.

As quoted by DJ Bien-Aime of ESPN, Ryans expects the Ravens to feature a "healthy mix" of rushing and passing, including the oft-scrambling Lamar Jackson taking some snaps and running with the rock himself.

As good as Ryans might end up being as a head coach and play-caller, the truth is that Lamar's prowess is a bit beyond his full control. Ryans, mind you, will be the one calling defensive plays on Sunday on top of taking on head coaching duties.

During a press conference on September 4th, Ryans said "One thing that would occupy my thoughts, although it shouldn't, is ensuring our players operate with precision and unity. Throughout the offseason, I've emphasized teamwork above all else."

Ryans knows very well that he's at the helm of an inexperienced team led by a rookie quarterback and boasting another rookie in the middle of their defense expecting to take on a leading role in no. 3 overall pick Will Anderson.

"I just want to witness us playing complementary football, with all three phases in harmony, everyone fulfilling their responsibilities, and displaying accountability and trustworthiness towards each other," Ryan said.

Ryans has already faced Lamar Jackson on one occasion during his coaching career while working for the San Francisco 49ers. Back then, Jackson cooked the 49ers with a saucy 206 total yards and two touchdowns in a Ravens win.

"We're well aware of Lamar Jackson's athleticism," Ryans acknowledged. "[Lamar] is a dynamic quarterback who poses a significant challenge to defenses due to his mobility--additionally, he's proficient in passing the ball."

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We have yet to watch the Ravens go all-in in a meaningful game, but if all expectations about the new offense led by the combination of OC Todd Monken and QB Lamar Jackson become a reality, the Texans might be in for a tough one.

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