The AFC is there for the Ravens to take after Week 14 results

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens (10-3) became the first AFC team to reach 10 wins this season and through Week 14 they are also the only franchise to have done that after the Dolphins failed to meet that figure on Monday after losing to the lowly Tennessee Titans on MNF.

With the full Week 14 slate of games completed yesterday, the Ravens lead the AFC all by themselves entering Week 15 and are one of only four teams with a 10-3 record through the second weekend of December along with the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the Kansas City Chiefs (8-3) losing last weekend, the Miami Dolphins were the only team left to play a game with a chance to overtake the Ravens in the AFC, which they failed to do by dropping a 28–27 decision to the Titans on MFN.

The Ravens, now in sole possession of the No. 1 seed in the AFC, boast a 54% probability of securing the top seed in the conference, the highest among all teams at this stage according to the New York Times model as updated on Tuesday morning.

Baltimore is nearly a lock to make the postseason however it gets there (>99% probability) while the New York Times model assigns the Ravens a 33% probability of ending up hosting the wild-card round game, a 12% probability of playing away in that same matchup, and less than <1% odds of missing on the postseason entirely.

Looking ahead, the Ravens have a hella tough path to securing the No. 1 seed considering their schedule during the final four weeks of play.

Baltimore will face off against the Jaguars, the 49ers, the Dolphins, and the Steelers.

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None of those games can easily be projected as an easy win for the Ravens considering the first three teams are leading their respective divisions while Pittsburgh seems to have Baltimore's number.