3 things the Baltimore Ravens must sort out during the bye week

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2. How will the Baltimore Ravens wide receivers look in the playoffs?

The Baltimore Ravens have done a great job managing the snaps of their wide receivers this year. Zay Flowers is a rookie, Odell Beckham and Rashod Bateman were coming off of season-ending injuries, and Nelson Agholor has never been able to handle a full snap share. 

Still, between the four, they got enough production, and all three are healthy and playing good football heading into the playoffs. They did have to be strategic about this. 

Zay Flowers has played the most, but now he is dealing with a calf injury. Does he get his usual full workload? The other three have been working in and out all season. All three play around 40-60% of the total snaps most weeks. Some weeks, they get higher or lower, but overall, they are in that range. 

Beckham and Bateman did miss a couple of games, but None of the three played more than 55% of the total snaps this season. 

Does this continue? The point was to get Odell Beckham to the playoffs fully healthy, and now he is their top wide-out option. Shouldn’t he play more? Do they keep limiting his snaps? Does someone like Bateman break out with more work? How do they manage Flowers with his injury?