5 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving as a Baltimore Ravens fan

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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4. The Baltimore Ravens have Lamar Jackson

In the NFL if you do not have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL it is hard to say that you have a real chance to compete. So, Baltimore Ravens fans should be thankful that Lamar Jackson gets them into the tournament with a chance to make a run every season.

Jackson is 8-3 as a starter this year, and he is 53-19 overall. When he starts, the Ravens win more often than they lose. The playoffs turn out to be a different beast, of course, that is for now.

Jackson is just 28 years old. We have seen so many players, great ones, not make runs for the Super Bowl until they are 30 or often older than that. So, fans can say that we are being grateful for a playoff letdown, but the reality is that any one of these years will be the year it does all come together for Jackson.

The Ravens have been in the mix for the Super Bowl since 2019, and with Jackson locked down, they will be in the mix for years to come. This is fun for fans.