5 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving as a Baltimore Ravens fan

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Mike Macdonald, Baltimore Ravens
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3. The Baltimore Ravens moved onto Mike MacDonald 

The Baltimore Ravens had a really good defensive coordinator with Wink Martindale. However, it was starting to get clear that things were getting stale, and the Ravens needed to find a change. Fans had to be nervous about whether it would work, but they have to be thankful about it now. 

The big change between MacDonald and Martindale is that MacDonald is a bit more conservative. MacDonald plays to keep things in front of the defense, while Martindale will sell out in the hopes of a big play, potentially risking a big play given up on the other end. 

The Ravens have been much better at limiting big plays. However, this year they are starting to mix up their blitz packages a lot more as well. What makes MacDonald is impressive is that he disguises more pre-snap than he does post-snap. It allows the defense to mix up their blitz looks but also not rush nearly as many defenders as they show or as Martindale used to. 

The defense was good under Martindale, but it is bordering on elite with MacDonald. This is an upgrade that fans have to be thankful for.