Top 10 No. 30 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Teams could find great value late in the draft.

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No. 6: ILB Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans (2000)

The year after Kerney, the Titans added a prototypical thumping linebacker who served as the heart of one of the league's best defenses for a decade. Bulluck was a tackling machine who was named an All-Pro twice during his time leading Tennessee to regular playoff appearances.

Bulluck took his impressive career at Syracuse and translated it to successful professional escapades with Tennessee. With 18 sacks, 21 interceptions, and over 1,000 tackles to his name in the pros, Bulluck remains one of the best pure middle linebackers of the early 200s.

Greg Pruitt was picked No. 30 in the NFL Draft by the Browns in 1973

No. 5: RB Greg Pruitt, Cleveland Browns (1973)

Pruitt fell to No. 30 despite a stellar career at Oklahoma, as he was just 5-9 and 180 pounds when he was picked by Cleveland. After making four Pro Bowls in his first five years and amassing four straight seasons with at least 1,250 yards from scrimmage, Pruitt showed he was more than capable of a full-time role.

Pruitt was the primary driving force for the Browns in the 1970s, reinventing himself as a backup and Pro Bowl kick returner for the Raiders late in his career. A tremendous receiver out of the backfield, Pruitt was ahead of his time and a player who would thrive in the modern pass-happy NFL.