Top 10 No. 30 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Teams could find great value late in the draft.

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No. 4: CB Eric Allen, Philadelphia Eagles (1988)

There has been a very vocal movement who wants Allen enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it's getting harder to keep him out every year. Very few cornerbacks were close to Allen, who made six Pro Bowls in seven years and was named an All-Pro selection three times, during his prime in the early 1990s.

The former Arizona State star's 54 interceptions, which included 34 in just seven years with Philadelphia, are more than Hall of Fame players like Deion Sanders, Ronde Barber, and Mike Haynes. For what was a very early second-round pick at the time, the Eagles made out like bandits.

Eric Allen was picked No. 30 in the NFL Draft by the Eagles in 1988

No. 3: ILB Sam Huff, New York Giants (1956)

All modern day middle linebackers are following the example the trailblazing Huff set with the Giants. The former West Virginia star was designated as the key to then defensive coach Tom Landry's scheme, and he responded by making four straight Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams.

Huff was a top-four finisher in MVP voting twice, setting the standard for all defenses that follow. Huff might be a bit vintage compared to some of the other players on this list, but inventing a position and dominating it for a decade is quite the feather to have in your cap.