Top 5 bold predictions for Ravens in the 2023 NFL Draft

Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft
Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Ravens won’t draft a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft

Quarterback, the talk of Baltimore’s offseason. Baltimore has one of the best quarterbacks in the league, kind of. Obviously, it’s been detailed all offseason how Lamar Jackson has received the non-exclusive franchise tag, and also how he has requested a trade. While the Ravens are focused on keeping Jackson in Baltimore, it’s their job to prepare for the chance that Jackson might actually leave.

That's what Baltimore has been doing. Throughout the pre-draft process, the Ravens have taken the time to get to know some quarterback prospects, specifically, Anthony Richardson. The dynamic quarterback out of Florida had a visit with the Ravens that left everyone curious about Baltimore’s plans. Did the visit mean Jackson could really be on his way to another team and that Baltimore would be moving on with Richardson? Probably not.

This was likely just Baltimore doing some due diligence. It seems very unlikely that the Ravens will actually select a quarterback, let alone Anthony Richardson. Baltimore’s first pick isn’t until No. 22; Richardson isn’t expected to make it out of the top five. There won’t be any other QBs worth selecting at No. 22, or throughout the rest of the draft for Baltimore.

The only way the Ravens will select a quarterback is if they trade Lamar Jackson to a team in the top five in exchange for their first-round pick. That seems unlikely at this point in the offseason, so expect Baltimore to use all of its picks on non-quarterback prospects.