Top 5 bold predictions for Ravens in the 2023 NFL Draft

Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft
Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Ravens will draft another tight end

In last year’s draft, Baltimore drafted two tight ends: Charlie Kolar and Isaiah Likely. Both were selected in the fourth round. While both are still on the roster, that may not stop the Ravens from selecting another tight end in this year’s draft. All offseason, everyone has been talking about how this is one of the best and deepest tight end classes in recent memory. It only makes sense that the Ravens, a team that loves tight ends, will get in on the fun.

As stated, Baltimore already has a few tight ends. There’s Mark Andrews, who led the team in every receiving category last season with 73 receptions, 847 yards, and five touchdowns. There’s also the aforementioned Isaiah Likely. In his rookie season, Likely caught 36 passes for 373 yards and three touchdowns. Then there’s Charlie Kolar, who only played in 2 games because of an injury, but recorded four receptions for 49 yards.

Could the Ravens be satisfied with these three tight ends? Yeah, probably. But, if there’s a talented tight end still on the board late in the draft, it makes a lot of sense for Baltimore to draft them. For starters, tight ends are a big part of the offense. That should still be the case, even with Todd Monken as the offensive coordinator.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have depth. As the Ravens know, football is a brutal game and injuries are inevitable. It’s best for Baltimore to be prepared with another talented tight end behind Andrews and Likely.