Top 8 Biggest NFL Draft steals in Baltimore Ravens history

These players show how good the Ravens are at drafting
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2. Lamar Jackson (No. 32 overall, 2018)

Sometimes, a first-round pick can be a steal, especially when you're the fifth quarterback taken in your draft class. While major busts like Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen floundered with their teams, Jackson put together a six-year stretch that is among the best any quarterback in NFL history has ever had.

Jackson has two MVPs to his name and he's turned the Ravens into a perpetual contender. It was tough watching Jackson sit there as interior offensive linemen and strong safeties were picked ahead of him, but Baltimore had enough foresight to realize what he could be in the NFL.

Lamar Jackson and Ray Lewis are the biggest steals in Baltimore Ravens history

1. Ray Lewis (No. 26 overall, 1996)

Likewise, if you manage to draft the greatest linebacker in NFL history after busts like Tim Biakabatuka, Rickey Dudley, and Alex Molden were picked above you, that counts as a steal. The Ravens pulled off one of the greatest drafts in NFL history in their first such affair, as they snagged Lewis and Hall of Fame tackle Jonathan Ogden with consecutive picks.

With 12 Pro Bowls, 10 All-Pro teams, two Defensive Player of the Year awards, and two Super Bowl rings, Lewis' career with the Ravens can't be equaled by any linebacker in NFL history. The Ravens' ethos as a defense-first franchise was due to Lewis setting the tone when he arrived in Baltimore.