3 teams who may still trade Baltimore Ravens for Lamar Jackson

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Baltimore Ravens, Kirk Cousins
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2. Could the Minnesota Vikings make a move for Lamar Jackson

There are a few reasons the Minnesota Vikings could be real contenders for Lamar Jackson. The first is that they could save a decent chunk if they wait until the summer to trade Kirk Cousins. Cousins is worth something on the market, and trading him, and his cap makes the overall cost for Jackson a lot less.

Speaking of Cousins, he is why the Ravens may be ready to move on. He has given them some life, but they have not been able to get over the hump. However, they showed in Cousins that they are not afraid to step in and pay a lot of guaranteed money.

That was a former GM, but it speaks to the owner not being afraid to put down significant money, even if the payoff may not come until the future. They also have a new, young GM who has been aggressive with trades. At this point, the Vikings are not in a situation where they could see a quarterback in the first round. Still, like the other teams they could be waiting to see exactly what happens on draft day before making a move for Lamar Jackson.

They check a lot of the boxes of a team that would trade for Lamar Jackson. Do not be shocked if they are lingering around in the next month.