3 teams who may still trade Baltimore Ravens for Lamar Jackson

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Baltimore Ravens, Chris Ballard
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1. The Indianapolis Colts may not be out on Lamar Jackson

The Indianapolis Colts are the ultimate wild card. They are also the ultimate team to watch on draft weekend. First off, we know they need a quarterback. They are starting Gardner Minshew. So, do they love someone who falls to four, and does a third quarterback get taken after the Cardinals trade down?

If that happens, will the Colts stand pat at four, and take the best player? Or, would they trade down knowing the fourth quarterback is there? Then, they can use that haul to help nail down a deal for Lamar Jackson.

How about this, they say that their fourth overall is worth more than two first-rounders. They trade the fourth pick for Lamar Jackson. Essentially Will Levis or Anthony Richardson for Lamar Jackson. Sure, the money is different, but which side would you really want? This has to be a real thought that the Colts are weighing right now.

Atlanta committed to Desmond Ridder, and Washington says they have Sam Howell competing. Indianapolis cannot just have Gardner Minshew.

Their owner is the most impatient of the bunch, and he also is the one who would break any code if there even was a code of collusion going on. Beyond that, Chris Ballard has to feel his seat getting hot. He keeps passing on quarterbacks and now he is stuck with the fourth pick and the chance to get the third quarterback in this draft at the highest.

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If they rate someone higher than the top two picks, so be it. If not, they are going to seriously consider Lamar Jackson.