These trends point to the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers

Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

If the Baltimore Ravens game at the San Francisco 49ers game feels weird, that is because it is. Yes, it is two teams with the best record in the NFL squaring off this late for only the second time in the past 30 years. More than that, the Baltimore Ravens are underdogs, and they are big underdogs. That does not happen with Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens are set up for success with Lamar Jackson

This will be the second-highest underdog that Jackson has been in his career. On the other occasion, in his rookie season, he lost in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs. It takes a Super Bowl giant to be favored like this over Jackson. 

Jackson has been an underdog 13 times in his NFL career. He has covered the spread in 11 of those games, and the Baltimore Ravens have won eight of them outright. Winning more often as an underdog than you win is rather impressive. 

Lamar Jackson is also 19-1 against the NFC. The only defense he lost to in the NFC was the New York Giants, run by Wink Martindale, who knows him quite well. Otherwise, teams in the NFC are just too unfamiliar with his style to hang with him. 

The Ravens have four wins against the NFC this year. They beat the Cardinals, Lions, Seahawks, and Rams, and they scored 31 or more in every game. In three of these games, they scored over 37 points. 

Lastly, Lamar Jackson is great on Monday Night Football. His team is 4-2 with a loss to the Chiefs and the epic collapse against the Las Vegas Raiders in week one of 2021. Still, Jackson has 13 touchdowns and no interceptions in those six games. He shows up when the lights are the brightest.

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So, we have Jacksn as an underdog, which is a winning spot for him. He plays the NFC, a conference that he can dominate, and he plays on Monday night football, which is when he shows up ready to win. Lamar Jackson will be in the best of his career on Monday. That could guide the Ravens to victory.