Top 3 UDFA candidates to make Baltimore Ravens roster

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Baltimore Ravens, Tashawn Manning
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2. Tashawn Manning has a shot to make the Baltimore Ravens roster

Tashawn Manning was invited to the NFL Combine, so many in the community saw him being a draft pick when all was said and done. With that in mind, Manning is probably one of the highest-graded UDFAs that the Baltimore Ravens have on their roster.

Manning also has a great shot to make the roster based on his experience and the depth chart around him. Manning spent four years at Auburn before making his quest to the NFL as a full-time starter at Kentucky.

Overall, he played 1,878 snaps, with 737 coming last year. Tashawn Manning played 980 snaps at left guard, and 894 snaps at right guard over the course of his career. Almost all of his 737 snaps last year were at right guard.

There are two ways to look at this. Andrew Vorhees is the potential future at right guard, but his injury will prevent him from making the roster. So, does Manning fill the backup right guard spot for the time being? The other thought is that the left guard job is wide open, and anyone could step in and land it. Do the Baltimore Ravens see Manning start to earn it this summer and either keep him on the roster or even consider starting him?

Normally this would not be a possibility, but with the left guard job so wide open, it can be considered.