An underrated addition to the Baltimore Ravens' depth 

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One of the biggest keys to igniting the Baltimore Ravens' recent surge is the ability of Isaiah Likely to step into Mark Andrews's role. It would be impossible to replace Andrews, and they place slightly different roles in the offense, even with Andrews out. Still, based on production, the offense has not missed a beat because Likely has produced. 

Charlie Kolar has impacted the Baltimore Ravens passing game

Beyond that, one thing that has helped the Ravens is the addition of Charlie Kolar in the offense. It is a small role, but Kolar has seen his snaps increase as he has stepped into the Isaiah Likely role as the backup tight end. 

In the five games since the Ravens lost, Andrews Kolar has had three catches for 45 yards. That is one catch of ten yards or more in three of those five games. In the last two weeks, he has had two catches for 32 yards, adding an impact to the offense that is needed. 

When Isaiah Likely was the Ravens' backup tight end, he averaged 1.14 yards per route run. He was not very effective, and Todd Monken failed to find the right role. Meanwhile, Kolar is averaging 1.96 yards per route run since week 11. He has not even been playing more than a typical backup tight end, he is just finding ways to make it happen. 

So, the Ravens are seeing a small hit, if that's from the production of Mark Andrews to Isaiah Likely. Now, they are also seeing increased production from Likely to Charlie Kolar. That is a huge benefit. 

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The Ravens can go so deep with their pass catchers that it does not matter that there is not a main guy. From Zay Flowers to Charlie Kolar and all of the receivers and tight ends in between, the Ravens are an efficient passing offense.