3 under-the-radar Baltimore Ravens to keep an eye on in training camp

- A couple of second-year players, and a new addition to the defense are underdiscussed, but important pieces to the 2023 Ravens roster.
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Now that training camp is officially underway for the Baltimore Ravens, there will be so much for fans to watch. Everyone is paying attention to Lamar Jackson and the new play calling, and even the big names such as Roquan Smith and Kyle Hamilton are under the spotlight on defense. So, who are some players that are not being talked about, but their role could be important in training camp?

3. Will Travis Jones beat out Michael Pierce to start for the Baltimore Ravens?

One of the bigger developments that will not get national headlines is the development of Travis Jones. Jones was a former third-round pick and is entering his second season in the NFL. Last year, he moved along slowly but started to impress towards the end of the year. Now, they need a big second season from him.

Michael Pierce is expected to compete with Jones for snaps at nose tackle. However, Pierce has played less than 400 snaps since the 2020 season, and he is at the age and injury history where he cannot be trusted. This is why the development of Jones is so important.

If Jones can show that he is ready to take that step and start, it fills a major hole at a key position. More than that, it could be what extends the career of Michael Pierce. If Pierce can go from a starting role to getting a snap or two here and there, they may be able to keep him healthier and get more production from him in those limited snaps.

If Jones is not ready to take that step, they are going to be thin up front. They will probably keep an extra lineman and take away from other positions. Also, it may force Pierce to play more than they want. This is major progress to keep track of.