3 under-the-radar Baltimore Ravens to keep an eye on in training camp

- A couple of second-year players, and a new addition to the defense are underdiscussed, but important pieces to the 2023 Ravens roster.

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Baltimore Ravens, Charlie Kolar
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1. What can the Baltimore Ravens get out of Charlie Kolar?

Isaiah Likely broke out in 2022, and it made Charlie Kolar an under-discussed tight-end option. Still, Ravens fans should remember that Kolar was drafted ahead of Likely in the same draft. If not for injury, is Kolar doing as much, or more with those chances?

We will never know, and Ravens fans can easily point to Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews when saying draft order does not matter. Still, Hurst turned out okay, so there could still be some hope for Kolar to be the Hurst to Likely being the big hit in the draft.

The reality is that Kolar is an unknown. He came back late in the season, but we did not learn much. Now, we get to see how the Ravens view him, if they want to get him on the field if he can block, catch, run, and everything that is needed.

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If Kolar is healthy, it is like picking up another fourth-round rookie this season. The Baltimore Ravens would love that, and it would highlight the strongest and deepest tight end room in the NFL.