5 underrated values on Baltimore Ravens roster

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens are a team known for getting the most out of a little bit. So, they rely on the underrated values having essential roles for them. As they enter the 2023 season, some players will not be discussed, but the fact that they are depth pieces for the Ravens makes them undervalued.

5. Baltimore Ravens are getting bang for their buck with Geno Stone

Geno Stone is exactly what this list is for. This is a seventh round pick who will be entering his fourth season with the team. Because the Baltimore Ravens cut Stone and kept him on the practice squad as a rookie the team was able to tender him this offseason and keep him on the roster at the veteran minimum.

This makes him a nice value. Sure, he has 671 career snaps, and 450 of them came last year. Still, those snaps were valuable and the team needed his pressence in dime looks. He also started at safety at times due to the Marcus Williams injury.

The Ravens will want to remain versatile in the back end, and you could see Stone getting some dime work again in 2023. In fact, he may even play more this year now that Kyle Hamilton is locked into being a strong safety.

Still, beyond being a role player on defense, Geno Stone also plays five of the six special teams units. He had 280 snaps on special teams in 2021 and 320 snaps in 2022. The Baltimore Ravens turned a seventh-round pick into a player who fills the depth for them for three straight years and possibly the foreseeable future. He can come in and start in a pinch, but he knows his role and can play as a depth safety as well.

When we are talking about underrated values, this is what we mean.