5 underrated values on Baltimore Ravens roster

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4. Brandon Stephens is a jack of all trades for the Baltimore Ravens

Some Baltimore Ravens fans may not like Brandon Stephens as much as someone like Geno Stone. That is because the sample of Stone is smaller, and he has not made as many mistakes. Brandon Stephens was also drafted higher.

Still, he is only entering his third NFL season, and he is clearly going to be a valuable piece of the Ravens' secondary. Some of the reasons he has been up and down comes back to the reality that he has moved from safety to cornerback and now back to safety in year three.

Still, this year it feels like his shift back to safety will have value. That is because Kyle Hamilton showed that he can do things such as dime and nickel last season. He was so good in those areas that the Baltimore Ravens can bring in Brandon Stephens, and that will allow Hamilton to slide into any of those roles.

Considering Stephens has also moved between safety and cornerback, the Ravens can also keep Hamilton at safety, and then use Stephens to be moved around. That is a pretty important skill.

Also, like Stone, Stephens has special teams experience, so even when he does not start, he provides an impact on five of the six core phases.

Without having a safety on the roster with cornerback experience, the Baltimore Ravens cannot move Kyle Hamilton in the ways that they do. For a former third-round pick in his third NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens are getting value out of Stephens. He has 15 starts in two seasons, and even if he does not start this year, there is a chance he will be on the field more in 2023 than in past years.