5 underrated values on Baltimore Ravens roster

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Broderick Washington, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Broderick Washington continues to improve with Baltimore Ravens

Broderick Washington was a fifth-round pick from Texas Tech. He surprised some when he ended up getting a role as a rookie, but he has done nothing but ascend over the last couple of years. He played 161 snaps as a rookie and then moved up to 293 snaps. Last season, he was all the way up to 501 snaps.

Because of the injury to Michael Pierce, they needed him to play more nose tackle. However, this year, because of the loss of Calais Campbell, he will be playing more 3-technique and even 5-technique. A lot of fans will not notice the shift, but this will be important for the Ravens, and it is valuable that Washington can do this.

Beyond that, nobody can fill the shoes of Campbell, but it does mean that a player like Washington will get another jump in snaps played in 2023 due to that loss.

Broderick Washington will be a free agent at the end of this season, and if the Baltimore Ravens like what they see from him in training camp, they may get something done before the season starts. Keep an eye on the ascension of Broderick Washington because he has not hit his peak yet.