5 underrated values on Baltimore Ravens roster

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Ben Cleveland, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Is Ben Cleveland going to breakout for the Baltimore

This is going to be a huge season for Ben Cleveland to prove himself. While it may be fair to say that he is not underrated yet, because he has not proven himself, his play in 2023 and the difference between him and Ben Powers is flying under the radar.

If Cleveland does struggle, it is underrated how much of an issue this could be. The team could try to John Simpson or even Daniel Faalele. Still, Simpson is a backup for a reason, and Faalele has only played right tackle in his career. Basically the Ravens have made sure they have backup plans, but if Cleveland does not hit, this will be an issue all season long.

On the flip side, if Cleveland does live up to expectations, it is one of the more underrated moves that the Baltimore Ravens made. This is classic Ravens, though. They let a player develop for two years behind a starter.

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Then, Ben Powers got paid, and the Ravens will get help in the compensatory formula. Now, the thought is that by year three, Cleveland can fill the same role for a fraction of the cost. If this comes to fruition, it will be underrated how valuable it is to maintain the line talent without paying up.