4 unheralded studs on the Baltimore through week six

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Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders, Brandon Stephens
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3. Brandon Stephens has not missed a snap for the Baltimore Ravens

If you said before the season that Brandon Stephens would be one of their tried and true every-snap players, most would not believe you. First, if you told people in March that he would have started and played every game at cornerback, they would not believe you.

Brandon Stephens played 68% of the snaps on defense in 2021. He played at safety. That was his career-high, as he played 47% of the snaps the following season. He did move to cornerback in 2022, but in 2023, the plan was to move him back to safety because he did not stick well at CB.

The Ravens had injuries at cornerback; they had depth at safety, so Stephens moved back to cornerback. Now, he is going to start opposite Marlon Humphrey until something changes. With the injuries to not only Humphrey but Ronald Darby and Rock Ya-Sin, there has been a rotation next to Brandon Stephens every week this season.

Darby and Ya-Sin split time, then Humphrey and Darby. Then, injuries caused the team to need him back at safety and moved him there. Everything you can ask for, he has brought to the table. This is not who fans expected to be, Mr. Reliable, but they have to love it.