3 massive unknowns Baltimore Ravens are still facing

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Baltimore Ravens, Calais Campbell
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1. How important is the loss of Calais Campbell

This is another question that can only be answered once the teams hit the field. The Baltimore Ravens are losing Calais Campbell on and off the field and the ripple effects could be massive . On the field, he not only is a disruptor, but he also played up and down the line. He made life easier for each player, and also the defensive coordinator.

The Baltimore Ravens will need Broderick Washington, Travis Jones, and David Ojabo to step up and fill bigger roles because of the loss of Campbell. All of them have cases to be made for upside, but none of them have proven that they can definitely be the answer.

More than that, they are losing a legitimate leader on the field. He does the right thing and can help young players adjust to the system and the way that things are done.

There is really no way that you can put a value on his impact. We can only see as time goes on how the Ravens will respond and how the development of the defensive line looks.

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The Baltimore Ravens' defense looks pretty good on paper, but if they are lacking that edge up front, it could be another small piece that holds this team back from being legitimate contenders.