5 veteran Baltimore Ravens who may lose their jobs to younger players

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens rely on their veterans to set the tone in the locker room, but they always preach competition. If a younger player is ready to step into the role, the Ravens will let that player have the chance to win a job.

Who are some of the younger players who may have veterans sweating?

5. Will Zay Flowers take the Baltimore Ravens returnman job from Devin Duvernay?

First, Zay Flowers will take away from Devin Duvernay on offense. With Rashod Bateman and Odell Beckham in the mix, and Flowers being just a rookie, he will be the gadget type of player who moves in and out of the slot and works as a depth wideout. That is the role that Duvernay held down last year. Duvernay went from second in snaps to possibly fifth.

However, the big development may be the return game value. The reality is that on Duvernay's contract, this is probably his last year with Baltimore. His only asset is the return game now that he will barely see the offensive field.

So, the Ravens are working Flowers in as a return man to get him used to the transition. The expectation is Flowers will take reps in training camp, and then Duvernay will keep the job.

Then, next offseason they will expect Flowers to be more prepared to steal the role. Still, if Flowers came in over-prepared and was an absolute beast with the ball in his hands in the return game, it will become a no-brainer for the Baltimore Ravens to use him in that area. That may make Duvernay expendable a year early. Ravens fans should at least look out for this.