5 veteran Baltimore Ravens who may lose their jobs to younger players

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Trenton Simpson, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Trenton Simpson was drafted to replace Patrick Queen

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Trenton Simpson in the third round, the question was much more about when he would step in for Patrick Queen and less about whether or not he would. When you look at the skill set of Simpson, it comes off as similar to Queen, and they would fill the same defensive responsibilities.

Simpson is expected to contribute on special teams and maybe get an extra coverage snap here and there as a dime player. Then, next year they expect Queen to leave in free agency and Simpson to step into the role.

The expectation is that Queen will lose the job next year, but there is a chance that Simpson can step up and win the job as a rookie. That would probably be a big issue for Queen or a big development for Simpson, but it is worth watching as the younger player will be pushing up on Queen as Queen not only looks to protect his job but also earn a big money contract in free agency.